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Understanding the Different Types of Cockroaches and Their Control Methods


Cockroaches are called health hazards. When it comes to facts, cockroaches are hazardous to your health. They have different species that are more dangerous than the normal cockroaches in your house. You must have a deep knowledge of these types of pests to deal with them easily. This is where seeking assistance from a Rockwall pest control company becomes beneficial for the residents of Rockwall. In this blog, you will understand the different types of cockroaches and their control methods.

There are many types of cockroaches, and you can differentiate them by their appearance. It is important to understand these types. 

  • The most common cockroaches found in your house are German cockroaches, which are light brown in color and small in size with two black stripes on their back.
  • The next ones are American cockroaches, which are reddish brown in color and larger in size.
  • Oriental cockroaches are shiny black and are most commonly found in sewers and basements.
  • The Supella longipalpa, also known as brown-banded cockroaches, are smaller than the German cockroaches and are found in warm places.

Methods to control pests – 

Inspect your house

If you want to take preventive measures against cockroaches, the first thing you should do is monitor your house and look for entry points like gaps, holes, and cracks. You must also check for hidden corners of your house that are dark and damp. Therefore, having a regular inspection will help you detect the problem early, and you can take preventive measures according to them.

While inspecting your house, make sure to look out of the house as well as your yard because pests from your neighborhood can also transfer to your home.

Maintain cleanliness

Cockroaches are prone to be found in dark and untidy places. You must make sure that you clean every corner of your house regularly. In addition, clean your attics, sheds, utility areas, and other dark places because these places are where pests are more likely to be found.

Cockroaches also get lured to food; hence, make sure that wherever you store your food, cover it tightly. Clean all the spilled food from the floor and dump your leftovers out of your house properly. Moreover, wash your dustbin daily so that cockroaches will not get attracted to it.

Seal all the entry points.

After inspecting your house, start sealing all the entry points you have detected. You can use caulk to fill all the gaps and cracks in your walls and ceilings. Use weather strips to keep your window closed and seal all the water leaks and pipelines. Sometimes, pests like cockroaches invade your home through your chimney; hence, make sure you seal your chimney properly.

Use natural remedies and trap gadgets.

Use natural remedies like vinegar solutions, boric acids, neem oil, peppermint oil, and other solutions to deter all the cockroaches from your house. In addition, you can use many trap devices to deter them.

Contact a professional team today!

Despite taking these preventive measures, if you cannot handle those cockroaches, consider contacting a professional team immediately.

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