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Things To Do Before And After Pest Control Treatment


It is almost impossible to keep a comfortable and healthy home without regular pest treatment. The success of the overall pest removal process can be greatly improved by knowing what to do prior to and following a pest control treatment, irrespective of the type of bugs you are dealing with—from common ones like cockroaches to more stubborn ones like termites. 

To get the best results, you must do a few steps both before and after a pest control treatment, regardless of whether you have chosen to treat termites or rats.

What should you do before and after pest control treatment?

Here is a short guide to help you understand what you should do before and after pest control. 

Things to do before-

Creation of access

Equipment and furniture must be relocated out of room corners. The pest control specialist should be able to enter places where pests are most prone to be located. Furthermore, it will help protect electronic devices or furnishings from pesticide spraying during treatment.

Clean the kitchen area

Empty the garbage can and give it a thorough cleaning in advance. Go on to the countertops next. Arrange dishes and cups so that the surface is clear for the pesticide to be sprayed. Place utensils in a different room. Since the kitchen is an ideal habitat for pests, it is essential to apply pesticides to all areas within the area, including cupboards and storage areas.

Keep Children and Pets Out.

To make sure your children and pets are safe before starting a pest control treatment. Make them stay elsewhere when the treatment is being given.

Protect flower pots and wall paintings.

Before the treatment, eliminate any decorations, wall hangings, and paintings and wrap them in plastic. If you have flower pots in your house, it is better to leave them outside before the pest treatment begins. Move the pots around in your balcony garden to make space for the treatment.

Things to do after-

Do not rush home.

Avoid hurrying back if you have to leave your house for the pest control treatment. Before returning home, wait for the expert’s guidance.

Throw away any leftovers.

Once you come home after the pest control procedure, make sure to throw out any food that was unintentionally left behind.

Ensure Sufficient Ventilation. 

Moreover, always confirm that the place where you had a pest control treatment performed has sufficient airflow. If there are smells that are released throughout the treatment, giving them sufficient ventilation will help them escape.

Do not clean instantly.

Allow the treatment to finish as soon as the pest control expert leaves your home. Just yet, do not sweep, wipe, or clean the house. After the pest treatment, it is recommended to wait at least one week before doing any extensive cleaning.

 Check affected areas again.

When you get pest control procedures done at your home, you might miss out on rechecking the areas that are not completely cleared yet. So, make sure to check the treated areas again to avoid breeding of the pests all over again.

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