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Bee Hives in Your Brisbane Property: Know What to Do


If you see a strange number of bees in your Brisbane place, it could ring an alarm in your head, and you might be looking for the best way to eliminate a beehive. However, many search for expert services using ‘bees pest control near me’ online before diving into DIY removal. But important is your family’s safety, including the environmental concerns. You can’t kill honey bees, as they are essential for nature.

Therefore, what should you do when you see bee hives around or inside your house? Obviously, you have to call a professional to control the honey bees. But, before hiring a service to bees control Brisbane we will tell you about five steps you must take. We shall also delve into the professionals’ bee removal process in the next stage of this blog.

Here are five steps to take before contacting a professional service:

1. Make space for the bees:

It’s best to stay away from provoking bees because they can sting. Most bee species only sting when they perceive a threat to their hive or queen. Remaining at a distance lessens the likelihood of an irate swarm.

2. Keep animals and sting allergy sufferers away from bee hives:

If the swarm or hive is outside, you should keep kids, pets, and those allergic to insects inside and away from the bees. Try to keep the location away from the beehive within your house, which is isolated. You may call an early bee removal service online using ‘bee exterminators near me’ in sensitive situations.

3. Determine the source of the bees’ presence:

If the hive is within your house, determine the bees’ entry point. Don’t try to shut off the hive’s access, though, as this can allow the bees to escape into other parts of your house.

4. Refrain from employing traps or spray pesticides:

Trying to spray the hive or attempting to trap the bees is alluring. Before you proceed, consider the potential consequences. Bee eradication is challenging for several reasons; one is that the EPA has prohibited using numerous widely available pesticides in proximity to bees. It is thus forbidden to use these items on bees. With traps, you ultimately require disposing of a container full of angry insects.

5. Eliminate all signs of the hive and fix any harm:

If bees are in your walls or other areas of your house, such as your attic, are you trying to figure out what to do? Make sure to tidy up after them. You may fix any damaged walls and seal any openings that bees used to enter your house to prevent a bigger issue. You may also seek professional assistance online using the search term ‘bee hive removal near me’.

Now, take a look at how professionals provide bee control service.

1. Inspection:

Experts begin by extensively inspecting the whole land to localize the extent of a bee infestation, identifying combs and nests to be treated.

2. Identification:

The next step is to identify the particular bee species using the hives and nests found. This is to determine the right treatment method and safety precautions.

3. Removal:

The professionals’ foremost goal while accomplishing their responsibilities will be to vary the suitable approach.

4. Prevention:

Bees have been cleared from the area, and professionals have taken follow-up steps to keep re-infestations at bay by sealing entry points and removing food sources and standing water.

5. Follow-up:

This stage of bee control involves the local bees control Brisbane expert making follow-up visits to confirm whether the treatment was successful and to take administrative measures against isolated bees or regrowing situations. Continual monitoring and management might be advised to ensure a bees-free environment persists as the solution.


Don’t indulge in the bee infestation if you encounter many bee hives in several corners of your house or garden. Call an experienced bee hive removal Brisbane service like Bees Pest Control Brisbane to get a safe and secure bee removal service. Before contacting them, you may check their expert services through this link:

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