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How to Choose the Best Renovation Company for Your Home


Home improvement can easily change the way you and your family lives and increase the value of the property. But the expertise and efficiency of a Calgary renovation company you hire can greatly affect how well the project will be. Making the right choice among the many available possibilities requires you toconsider the following pro tips:

1. Check the Portfolio

Ask the company whether you can see their portfolio of all the completed tasks, which is likely to be available on their site. Even if this isn’t the case, there could be more samples of renovation projects that could be available upon your request. Prior work can easily tell you whether the company is a perfect fit for a specific project.

2. Meet the Team in Person

Schedule a meeting with the company’s team in person. With this, you will have a chance of asking questions that are associated with your project. During the meet-up, remember to also explain the magnitude of the project, and the company’s team will be happy to provide you with related insights and guidance into how they plan to work on your project. This will also be a great opportunity to inquire about their suppliers, processes, professionalism, and special skills.

3. Ask for Recommendations

A perfect way to choose the best renovation company is to talk to your friends or family for recommendations. If your friends or family speak highly of the company, then there are no better reviews you can find. In fact, not even online reviews can surpass referrals from family or friends. Do you know why? At times reviews are not only one-sided, but can also leave out context.

4. Look at the Credentials

Checking the credentials of a renovation company, like insurance and licensing, is important. A good company should have contractors who are licensed and hold memberships with several national or local bodies. Ensure the contractors are covered too, with coverage, such as workers compensation insurance. Not having enough coverage can put you and contractor working on your project at risks of liability.

5. Request for References

A renovation company in Calgary must be willing to provide you with references from the previous clients they worked with before. With a list of references, you can contact those clients to collect more info about the team’s capability to meet deadlines, quality of work, customer satisfaction, and performance. Talking directly to previous clients will also give you an insight, which you won’t find elsewhere.

6. Obtain Bids from Several Companies

It is always a good practice to get bids from several renovation companies for your home improvement projects. Doing so will help you to compare the costs as well as allow you evaluate the magnitude of the proposed project by every company. Look for written and detailed estimates, which outlines every aspect of the home improvement project, including labor, timeline, and materials. Always remember this – be careful of bids, which are lower than others, because they might indicate subpar workmanship or materials.

The bottom line is that, choosing a renovation company in Calgary is one of the most important decisions you will make that goes beyond considering your budget. It will also involve looking at the contractors’ credentials, requesting for references, obtaining multiple bids, asking for recommendations, meeting with the team in person, and checking the company’s portfolio. By considering all these factors, you will not just protect your investment. You will as well set a foundation for a good renovation experience.

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