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What are the main advantages of an energy renovation.?


Are you planning to undertake renovation work in your home? Before committing, carefully study all the options available to you. On the table, there will necessarily be the most advantageous solution for you: energy renovation. Why carry out energy improvement work in your home? The reasons are many. Decryption.

Reduce the energy bill

One of the main arguments for energetically renovating the house is to considerably lower the energy bill. Different types of renovation work make it possible to limit energy consumption while benefiting from optimal thermal comfort.

The best solution is to carry out thermal insulation works. Several solutions present themselves in the first place:

For information, a study by ADEME informs that energy losses passing through the roof exceed 30%. Installing or renovating under-roof insulation is therefore the number one way to reduce your energy consumption. This type of insulation, essential, is particularly recommended if the attic is already fitted out or suitable for conversion. For lost attics, insulation by blowing on the floor is the best solution to eliminate thermal bridges.

Finally, the insulation of exterior walls is considered the most effective but also the most expensive to put in place. Its excellent rate of thermal phase shift makes it a major asset for energetically renovating the house. Its installation can be coupled with a facade renovation.

It should be noted that the investment in a new heating system appears to be opportune. Inertia heating in particular represents a very significant energy gain, not to mention the thermal comfort it provides at all times.

Bring a new aesthetic touch

If you’ve owned your home for a while and haven’t done any renovations yet, the state of your assets has certainly deteriorated over the years. Of course, this progressive deterioration is not irremediable and it is quite possible to restore the shine to your house while renovating it energetically.

Let’s take the example of thermal insulation from the outside  : this type of energy renovation is ideal if you also want to carry out a facelift or renovation of the facade. In this case, a new coating will be applied to the entire wall now insulated. Different finishes exist (troweled, scraped, etc.), which allows you to achieve the perfect finish by improving the insulation of your home while making it aesthetically beautiful again.

Inertia heating also fits perfectly into your home. Its design allows it to adapt to any type of configuration. Not only will thermal comfort be enhanced, but you will also bring a modern touch to your rooms where the system is installed.

Strong gesture for the environment

With climate change and global warming on the rise, there is no small gesture. Every energy improvement counts to limit the temperature rises that risk causing profound and dangerous changes in the climate in the years to come. This is already the case…

With the installation of new energy systems, you will contribute to reducing the energy consumption of your home. It’s good for the wallet, of course, but also for the planet whose resources must be protected as much as possible.

Limiting greenhouse gas and CO2 emissions is a major avenue against climate change. Individuals take part in preserving the environment on a daily basis, including within their homes. Hence the importance of using renewable energies as much as possible. Energy renovation is also moving in this direction with solar energy systems, air/air and air/water heat pumps and thermodynamic balloons.

Extend the life of your home

By renovating your home, you will de facto extend the life of the materials. Indeed, the installation of new energy and efficient systems over time will limit the amount of waste. In the absence of renovation, you will be forced to change these materials rather than renovating them. However, the accumulation of waste continues to increase in the world despite all the precautions taken. Remember that it is always better not to produce waste: even recycling is polluting…

Valuing heritage

Money is often the sinews of war. For many households, undertaking energy renovation work can be costly and sometimes financially impossible. However, many financial aids exist, starting with the MaPrimeRénov’ system which allows you to finance the work according to the level of your income.

Even better: by carrying out energy renovations, you increase the value of your home. Better insulation will lower the energy bill and in most cases gain one or more classes in the Energy Performance Diagnosis (DPE). The same goes for the installation of a solar self-consumption system which, in certain regions, increases the value of your assets by more than 10% according to a study carried out by Notaires de France. What relativize the price to pay beforehand to enjoy a house with significantly improved thermal performance!

For more information on this subject, do not hesitate to contact Europe Energie, the French specialist in energy saving work. The quote is free!

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