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Our 5 tips for choosing your kitchen backsplash.?


We share our best tips for making THE right choice of kitchen backsplash. That is why it is a crucial element in your piece. Stéphanie Bouchard, our head designer at La Tuilerie, explains to us that “ it is a binding element in the kitchen . However, as we want everything to be in symbiosis (its cabinets, its floor, its counter, its faucets and its backsplash), we play with the backsplash! Either we put the accent on the backsplash, or it makes the link between all the elements of the decor”. Here are our 5 tips to help you in your choice!

1- Do not rush!

The choice of the kitchen backsplash often occurs towards the end of the work. You have already had several decisions to make, you have had to manage several unforeseen events. In short! You can’t wait for it to move forward and for it to end.

And yet, Stéphanie Bouchard – our head designer, recommends that we “take the time to choose the right kitchen backsplash. You will see it every day!

2- Bring a bit of your kitchen during your shopping spree

You’ll be ready to go shopping for your backsplash tiles once you’ve chosen your countertop and kitchen cabinets. Before you go shopping for your tiles, remember to take your cabinet door and a sample of your counter with you . The objective is to create a harmony between these three elements to be able to create a beautiful decor in your kitchen, this could range from copper plates and splashbacks to those of marble or stone.You can also prepare inspirations or moodboards. We also recommend that you keep the same style throughout all the rooms of your interior.

3- Define if you want matte or shiny tiles

This is a question that can help you make your choice. This dimension will change the style of your backsplash and reflect light differently depending on the finish. Stéphanie (head designer at La Tuilerie) explains to us that the “gloss of the shiny tile will bring a lot of light. ​It is therefore important to assess the brightness (whether natural or artificial light) ​before deciding on a glossy or matte backsplash.”

4- On the right, tiles with a glossy finish and on the left, matte tiles.

For maintenance, the finish of the tile also makes a difference. Glossy tile (shiny tile) makes wiping and cleaning easier, while a matte or textured tile tends to retain dirt more. This is why sealant is applied in 3 coats on porous or natural stone tiles . Stéphanie Bouchard recommends that we “redo the sealer every 3 years because it helps protect the natural stone. » We also advise you to use a specific cleaner to make this protection last .

You will then have to choose what type of tiles you want: patterned, mosaic , colored, classic, etc.

5- Do not neglect the grout!

In contrasting color: it accentuates the shape of the tile. Of similar color to the tile: it leaves all its place to the tile.

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