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Garden table and chair set buying guide.?


The garden table and chair set is a must for taking full advantage of sunny days, unwinding and relaxing in your garden. For those who don’t have one, the acquisition of this precious piece of furniture is essential as the warm weather approaches.

And if the shopping stage in this area seems quite tough, especially because of the embarrassment of choices available, we have some advice to give you to help you make the right choice.

Indeed, this patio furniture comes in different materials, different textures, different brands, different ranges and different styles, which can be difficult (especially for a non-connoisseur) to choose.

You should know that in the end, you will choose your garden furniture according to your needs, but also according to the quality of the material, the space available.

What is my need?

This set with chairs and table can fulfill multiple roles. In addition to being a decorative element of the garden and the outdoor space of the house, this furniture is designed to meet all desires: simply sitting in the garden, relaxing, reading a good book, entertaining friends or the family, and enjoy a good meal, an aperitif or a good outdoor barbecue. Thus, your garden furniture will be chosen according to your activities and above all, according to the space available in your garden. Your outdoor furniture will be different, whether you intend it for simple moments of relaxation and relaxation, or whether you plan to spend festive meals there in small groups.

Thus, those who are fans of outdoor meals and barbecues will rather opt for a large rectangular table equipped with 6, 12 or 18 chairs.

Those who just want to relax or enjoy an aperitif or a little coffee can choose the coffee table models, round or square, accompanied by 2, 4 or 6 chairs. For better relaxation comfort, the chairs will be more like soft armchairs or even poufs, deck chairs, recliners, deckchairs or sunbeds. In this last perspective, we are much closer to garden furniture.

Which model of garden table and chairs to choose?

The garden table and chair models on the market all compete in design, so it is often difficult to choose. To make your choice, it is necessary to look at various criteria.

Choose your set taking into account the available space

The constraint of available space is inevitably the first element that will determine the model of the set with garden table and chairs. For small spaces, round or square table models are preferred. Chairs will be chosen from classic, space-saving styles.

For larger spaces, the choice will be much more varied and will depend on use and desires. The lounges, sofas, armchairs and coffee tables, which are both comfortable, chic and elegant, will be reserved for moments of relaxation outdoors. The table with garden chairs, comfortable, but much more relaxed, will be more dedicated to meals or barbecue parties.

Choose your garden table and chair set according to the material

Before buying your garden chair and table set, think about the quality, robustness and longevity of the material of its design as well as the maintenance constraints. Exposed to the wind, the cold, the sun, this outdoor furniture must indeed be ultra resistant to keep its charm and elegance.

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