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How to prevent vinyl flooring from fading?


Regardless of the texture or colour you choose for your new vinyl flooring, it can develop an unsightly yellowish stain that can be very difficult to remove. The floor can still look dirty due to yellowing vinyl tiles or sheets, even if the floor is spotless. This is often a sign of core damage to the flooring material and is permanent. Do you see yellow stains on your vinyl floors?

Reasons behind yellow vinyl flooring

Yellowing of vinyl flooring can occur for various reasons, but you should be aware of the following reasons behind the problem.

This problem can occur when the substrate is not installed correctly, or the wrong substrate is chosen, and there is no moisture barrier. In this situation, moisture seeps through the subfloor into the lower layers of the vinyl, damaging it from below. On the surface, there is a visible discolouration between the dry and unaffected areas and where moisture collects.

If the floor is not sufficiently moisture resistant or is exposed to water frequently, mould and mildew will overgrow. This will eventually lead to contamination that discolours the foot over time if you don’t remove it at the first sign. Therefore, it is best to replace contaminated flooring to prevent future mould and mildew infestation.

  • Improperly applied stickers

When an adhesive not recommended by the manufacturer is used, or the application is not made correctly, the vinyl can be damaged from below. For example, oils, dirt and grime migrate through the lower layers of vinyl and eventually show as permanent yellow stains on the floor.

  • Reacting to chemical changes

Vinyl flooring can react when in contact with certain rubber materials causing discolouration. When you lift a rubber-backed floor mat, kitchen island casters, or specific furniture, yellow stains may be visible. However, such yellowing occurs when the furniture or carpet has not been touched in the same place. The problem can be easily avoided by changing its position or preventing the use of rubber-backed accessories on vinyl flooring.

One of the main reasons for yellowing is sun damage. Areas constantly exposed to sunlight or high temperatures for a long time tend to fade, and a significant colour difference occurs. This colour change is mainly seen around patio doors, large windows that get plenty of sunlight, and even around the fireplace.

Tips to prevent and remove discolouration

  • Change the position of the furniture and the carpet frequently

Suppose the discolouration occurs under a rubber-backed rug or furniture leg. In that case, it will return to its original colour when the carpet is removed or replaced, and the area is allowed sufficient exposure to light and air. Please don’t overdo it, though, as it can damage the sun.

  • Use the right window shades.

This is essential to avoid permanent fading sunspots; in this situation, you should remove and replace your vinyl flooring. Keep your windows and doors closed during sunny hours and use quality curtains like sun shades to minimize the effect of ultraviolet rays. Considering how much sunlight you get inside the house, consider installing awnings to maximize protection.

  • Thoroughly clean subfloor before installation

Pieces of adhesive from previous flooring installation or using the wrong type of adhesive have their pitfalls. Not scraping off the bond entirely can make re-installation difficult and make your floor uneven. Therefore, it is imperative to thoroughly clean the subfloor so that no old adhesive residue remains.

  • Use cleaners specifically designed for vinyl.

Numerous commercially available cleaning products are designed to remove all types of stains on vinyl flooring. For yellowed vinyl, a solution of bleach and water can work wonders. Stains may not be removed entirely on the first try. Instead, mop the area regularly with the solution or add more bleach until you get the desired results.

  • Prepare a baking soda solution for deep cleaning.

Often the stain may be too deep to remove naturally; the baking soda can be a helpful home remedy in this situation. Use a soft, damp cloth to mop the area. You may need to continue this for a few weeks to ensure the discolouration doesn’t come back.

Fading or yellowing of vinyl flooring results from numerous reasons ranging from a high concentration of foot traffic, standing floor accessories and furniture to sun exposure and floor age. However, removing such stains will eventually become difficult as the floor ages. Replacing them with quality material from a reputable store will be wise when they become permanent.

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