Roof Terrace Furniture

5 Roof Terrace Furniture and Design Ideas


A rooftop terrace is a staple of slick apartments and sophisticated townhouses, and it holds a special place in the affections of urbanites who desire the pleasure of spending time in the great outdoors. In contrast to office days, the opportunity to take in some fresh air and early evening sunlight is nearly sacred.

There does not appear to be anything finer than these elevated miniature gardens. Rooftop terraces are just large enough to simulate outdoor living without the maintenance of a larger garden.

Like its larger outdoor counterparts, a rooftop terrace functions as an extension of your home and requires the same design considerations with regard to roof terrace furniture and aesthetics.

1. Select your roof terrace furnishings with care.

As you would in the living room or dining room, thoroughly consider the furniture design for your roof terrace. You may discover that your home has a significant impact on the atmosphere of your outdoor space, but you have the final say over the atmosphere you wish to create.

If your only outdoor space is a roof terrace, it may be necessary to divide it into distinct areas for dining, relaxation, and entertaining. Include a garden set suitable for an intimate gathering as a dining area, a settee and a few chairs around a coffee table as a place to socialise before or after dinner, and a longue for relaxing on sunny Saturdays.

2. Add comfortable accents to your rooftop patio.

For a rooftop terrace that is a true extension of the home, it is essential to include the same number of cushions and rugs on your outdoor sofas as on your interior sofas. These accessories make your sofas and chairs more comfortable, your décor more inviting, and give a room a complete look. If your home’s colour scheme is relatively subdued, vibrant outdoor cushions and drapes are a delightful contrast. However, consider sophistication and choose vivacious hues with a touch of depth.

3. Utilise outdoor-appropriate materials.

The rule for durable roof terrace furniture is to use only furniture, accoutrements, and even plants that can withstand extreme environments. Manufacturers of garden furniture and outdoor fabrics produce weather-resistant, UV- and water-resistant, and temperature-insensitive specialised materials that are impervious to temperature fluctuations. For added peace of mind, reputable outdoor speciality brands offer warranties of at least five years, so keep an eye out for these as well.

However, it is still recommended to store cushions in a cushion case to avoid unnecessary condensation or mould.

4. Utilise vertical space on your rooftop patio.

Since a rooftop terrace lacks the space of a full-sized garden, vertical space is your greatest ally; therefore, work upward rather than outward. Consider employing slender statues, tall and skinny topiary trees, and climbing plants with a reduced imprint.

Hire a professional to create a graduated configuration for a multi-platform effect if you want to include grass or shrubbery. Then, each of these can be used to contain planters, terrace lamps, and lanterns for a cohesive, themed appearance.

5. Develop a roof terrace illumination plan.

If you intend to spend every conscious moment basking in the late-evening sun on your terrace, you may need of additional illumination. Built-in architectural terrace lighting and outdoor wall lights are ideal for this type of space because, once installed, they do not require any valuable floor space and leave no wires behind. A romantic aura is added to an outdoor space by the illumination of candles and flames.

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