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Ways You Can Modernise a Victorian Interior Design Style


Possessing a Victorian home brimming with charm sounds like a fantasy until you move in and discover that the home’s electrical, roofing, and windows are also ancient. That’s okay, right? You can just remodel. Well, sometimes, things are not so straightforward. Before modernising a historical property, you may be required to pass through the hoops of preservation and historical societies.

How can we incorporate modern interiors into our old property without expensive renovations? Or, conversely, how can we decorate our modern home with a dash of Victorian charm? It is possible to combine contemporary design and Victorian style in any home.

Let’s look at creative, non-renovation-required methods to introduce a modern Victorian interior design style to your home.

It’s About Blending Modern and Victorian Styles

Creating a modern Victorian interior is possible by skillfully blending the two designs. You don’t want your home to appear like it was decorated with a mishmash of your grandmother’s discarded items and modern furniture from chain stores.

This design must be carefully considered, not haphazardly created.

Let’s examine examples of the ideal combination that contributes to the creation of a modern Victorian interior:

  • Combine an antique wooden table with ultramodern chairs, such as clear acrylic or steel chairs.
  • Reupholster an antique Victorian sofa with contemporary chevron fabric. Or, reupholster a chair with Victorian-style fabrics, such as damask, floral, or tapestry, if it is very contemporary.
  • To update it, simply reupholster the chair cushions of your grandmother’s old dining table set with a vibrant graphic print.
  • Paint an old armoire in a striking, streamlined black or pure white.

Add Craftsman Charm To Your Residence

The Victorians were extremely fond of intricately carved mahogany, walnut, and oak furniture. Everything was hand-made, hand-carved, and of high quality. The purpose of residences was to display one’s affluence through the beautiful, high-quality items they contained.

How else can this charming craftsman aesthetic be added without renovation?

Here are some excellent ways to bring craftsman style to your home:

  • Incorporate engraved wooden elements wherever possible, including mirror frames, lanterns, and picture frames.
  • Invest in quality furnishings. Even if you are incorporating modern furniture into your Victorian home, ensure that it is of the highest possible quality. Cheap furniture from a factory can damage the aesthetic.
  • Add a fireplace surround. You can find old mantels at numerous flea markets or purchase a new electric fireplace resembling an old wood-burning one.
  • Repurpose and reclaim ancient structures. You can find old windows, mouldings, and doors online and use them throughout your contemporary home to give it a Victorian feel.
  • Add granite. Whether you discover an incredible marble-topped table or a marble statue with intricate carvings, adding this delightfully abundant element enhances the aesthetic quality of Victorian homes.

Don’t Neglect The Details

The Victorian era was filled with intricate décor. When decorating your Modern Victorian home, you can sparingly employ moderation. The floors can be covered with Persian-style rugs, the walls with ornate oil paintings, and the windows with luxurious silks.

However, you also desire a contemporary atmosphere, correct? Modern interiors are the polar opposite; they are austere, angular, and subdued. How can the finest of both design realms be combined?

Here are some methods to incorporate a contemporary flourish into this luxurious layered look:

  • You should not cover the room floor-to-ceiling with decorative elements. Instead, you should layer just enough items to create a cosy atmosphere.
  • Add romance with fresh flowers or floral fabric accents in pillows. For example, a floral pillow positioned on a contemporary chair can provide an attractive Modern Victorian accent.
  • Add floor-to-ceiling drapes in a Victorian design but with a contemporary graphic pattern.
  • Combine your contemporary cork or tile flooring with a Persian rug.
  • Display your antique porcelain collection in a modern cabinet with clear lines or on a modern steel table.

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