Changing home windows

Changing home windows: how much does it cost?


The higher the quality and the larger the window model you are going to buy and then install, the higher the price is likely to be. Depending on the model, the cost can thus vary from a hundred euros to several thousand euros. Your budget is calculated according to your financial capacities, then the quotes that you will make afterwards.

The quality of manufacture of windows and glazing

It is obvious that the quality of the manufacturing materials of the frame of a window is one of the criteria that will have the most impact on the price, like aesthetic improvements. For example, the most noble materials, such as wood or aluminum, will be more expensive. To obtain a more affordable price, it is recommended to move towards PVC models which are much cheaper

Note that the glass also has an impact on the price. It is obvious that double glazing will be more expensive than simple. Depending on your budget, you can also request the addition of additional options. These can relate to the robustness of the glass, which can be stronger against breaches, and perform better in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation. Higher-end glazing thus contributes to energy savings, cleaning up the home by combating humidity and reducing noise pollution from outside.

The cost of the service of the craftsmen to carry out the replacement of its windows

In the provisional budget that you will have to define, it is essential to account for the cost of labor to install the windows in your home. The intervention of artisan carpenters to carry out the installation generally costs up to a few thousand euros. The asking price will depend on the scope of the work and the measurements of the windows to be replaced. In concrete terms, several criteria are taken into account to calculate the cost of the installation:

Logically, it is the time factor that most often weighs on the total price in an estimate for installing windows. The longer the installation, the higher the price will be. But the cost of an intervention can vary significantly depending on the site, your requirements and the difficulty of carrying out the work. The workers can indeed charge you supplements for any additional request (paints, insulation, etc.).

The estimated prices of the purchase and the change of its windows

The price for simply installing windows in your home for renovation breaks down as follows: the price of the installation + the price per window. Here are price ranges for installing standard models, i.e. double glazing made up of 2 leaves with a single opening:

If you manage to prove that changing the windows will improve the energy performance of your home, you can reduce your bill by mobilizing various assistance devices. It can be MaPrimeRénov, VAT reduced to 5.5%, bonuses from energy suppliers or even the eco-PTZ. However, aid is granted on condition that your windows are installed by a Recognized Guarantor of the Environment (RGE) craftsman.

Consolidate your credits and obtain cash to finance the price of new windows in your home

Depending on the number of new windows to be installed to replace your old ones, that you want to have craftsmen install in your house or apartment, you will have to mobilize up to several thousand euros. If you do not have enough cash, or simply want to preserve your savings, the cost of this work often requires going through the bank financing box.

But how to succeed in financing the change of windows while already repaying loans? It is not easy for your finances to have to be withdrawn from a new monthly payment. If you amortize the maturities of a car loan and your mortgage, for example, you risk destabilizing your budget by taking out a new consumer loan aimed at paying the estimate for your windows.

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